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  • Welcome to my New Show
    You just can't keep a good broadcaster down
  • And I'm Allowed to Drink!
    As a result of difficult negotiatons, I can drink on-air too
  • I have lots to talk about
    Fully refreshed from my break in Europe
  • Email or Skype Me
    I'll do my best to answer your query

about YOUR host

In a first for internet radio Scotto will be "Live" with a show that will involve you the listener like never before.
Every weekday he will be exploring the world wide news with his unique views and thoughts and you, the
listener, will be able to join in too. All you have to do is add callscotto to Skype then you can join in on the discussions, offer your thoughts, request a song or just call him names.


As arguably the world's most pre-eminent social commentator, with all the experience of his previous
classified career, Scotto continues to bring his alcohol infused musings to the microphone of netFM.

And now as a non-smoker you can expect him to be even more grumpy, mean, cruel, sexist, racist,
misogynist, narcissist and just generally bitter. Using all his life experience, most of which can't be
discussed, Scotto will now be entertaining you more often too, where you know him so well on The
Vinyl Lounge and also on "Scotto Live", his new "get the listener involved show" (as directed by
management and the courts to avoid any more litigation from certain celebrities, who from now on
WILL remain nameless).

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