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Advertising on netfm

What can advertising on NetFM do for your business ?

bullet   Reach more listeners than your local radio station ever can
bullet   Watch your website stats climb in real time when your advertisement is played on air
bullet   Reach customers who actually spend
bullet   Stand out from your competitors
bullet   Enjoy more sales
bullet   Increase your profits
bullet   Get real-time statistics

NetFM has hundreds of thousands of listeners in Australia and many millions worldwide.

Unlike terrestrial radio stations, NetFM reaches customers who are directly wired to the internet and who are more likely to buy your products or use your services than audiences of traditional media.

This is because Internet Radio audiences have been found to respond to advertisements more than traditional radio audiences (Source: Arbitron).

More importantly, Internet Radio is the new digital medium bringing with it a whole new audience who are online savvy and expect much more than the old am/fm format could ever deliver.

We understand this audience because we, for our part, created it as a pioneer of netradio.

Internet Radio combines current and upcoming technologies which please and excite listeners and guarantees their loyalty and return custom. You only have to browse the NetFM site to understand why listeners have made NetFM their home for entertainment and information.

But a great website is only part of the successful formula, great programming, the net's best music and clear digital audio and mobility via smartphones and other devices completes the package.

Did you know our listener's only get exposed to one 60 second block of advertising every hour. This ensures listeners are listening for longer and that advertiser's advertisements stand out from the crowd. This is why advertising on NetFM really works !

So if you're interested in advertising with NetFM, why don't you contact us so we can provide you with the most effective netradio solution.


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