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An Internet Radio Station or Netradio Station are in fact the same thing, and is the new media for listening to music.
So instead of transmitting a signal to a radio receiver like a terrestrial, or non internet radio station does,
an Internet Radio Station streams data over the internet containing the sound information.

Then any device such as a Smartphone, PC or a SmartTV can pick up the stream
from anywhere in the world.

There are thousands of Internet Radio Stations around the world including Pandora and Beats 1, as well
as numerous Internet Radio Station Directories such as Internet Radio, Live 365
and many more.

If you would like to learn more about Internet Radio or Netradio, you will find the following links useful:

Wikipedia - Internet Radio

How Stuff Works - Creating an Internet Radio Station

About.Com - What is Internet Radio?


We are an Australian based Internet Radio Station or Netradio Station, which was founded in 1998.

We pride ourselves in streaming high fidelity stereo classic rock music to our worldwide listeners.

Unlike Apple's Beats 1 Internet Radio Station, you can listen to NetFM on just
about any Mobile Device or PC, even on your SmartTV as well as your
car's in-dash system (check with your vehicle manufacturer).

So sit back, chill and enjoy the rock music you like!


We are a rock Internet Radio Station playing today's rock music, as well as classic rock from the
60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's.  We've done all the programming so all you have to do
is crank up the volume and enjoy the music.

We also give air-time to upcoming rock music bands who have a song they wish to promote.
Just email us at mail@netfm.net with a link to your rock song or songs, and some info on your band.


We are proud to host the longest running internet radio show worldwide, The Vinyl Lounge.

The Vinyl Lounge is rude, but very funny.  Hosted by Scotto, Bazza & The Fish with AP in the corner.

You can hear The Vinyl Lounge 'LIVE' every Friday at 8pm AEST or CLICK HERE TO REPLAY

or click Scotto's head below to launch the Vinyl Lounge Cassette Player.

Vinyl Lounge Replay

You can also check out NetFM's other shows on the DJs & Shows page.

As well as great shows, the NetFM website has plenty of cool content including
World News, Celebrity News, Chat Room, Photo Gallery, Podcasts,
Video Clips and heaps more.


If you are a third party and wish to use our live Internet Radio Station stream on your website or directory, 
you may copy the following link to our direct stream below:


NetFM Broadcasting
185 Elizabeth Street,
Sydney  NSW  2000

Twitter:  twitter.com/netfmradio

Facebook:  facebook.com/netfm

Skype:   callnetfm


Main Email: mail@netfm.net
Studio Email: studio@netfm.net
Requests: requests@netfm.net
Advertising: advertise@netfm.net

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